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GoToMeeting is easier and more convenient meeting solution.

It is a free application and the seaweed is easy and can be attached in a matter of seconds anywhere in your Android device, take it now you can attend and start GoToMeeting sessions – at a cafe in a hotel, wherever you are.

• New: See all upcoming meetings and joining with a single touch.
• Attend sessions GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar wherever you are.
• Start the scheduled meetings.
• Exposure Hand-off control to anyone in the meeting.
• Mark on a conference call with a touch.
• Communication with other meeting attendees or all at the meeting.
• View presentations, demos and reports – what is displayed on the screen.
• Connect audio through its built-in microphone and speakers.
• Use Q & A, they answer the survey questions and raise their hands in GoToWebinar session.

How to join a meeting
You do not need to register an account to attend a GoToMeeting sessions. After download the GoToMeeting application, there are several easy ways to join a meeting:

• Tap a link in an email invitation and follow the instructions.
• Tap the GoToMeeting application icon and select the session that you want to join or enter a meeting ID.

Tap on the icon of GoToMeeting identified with a margarita in your Android device and enter the ID of the meeting provided by the organizer of the meeting.
For a better audio experience, use a headset when connected through from «microphone and headphones» (VoIP).

How to organize a meeting
You will need a GoToMeeting account to host meetings from your Android device.
• If you don’t have a GoToMeeting account already, start by registering for a free 30 day trial at http://www.
• Tap the GoToMeeting application on your Android device and log in to your account.
• Start a new session by touching «Meet now» or click on a previously scheduled meeting. You can make any Assistant organiser so they can show your computer screen.

Request permission
GoToMeeting will ask permission to access your calendar and phone to enhance your experience with the product. This access will be used only for the purposes listed below, and nothing more.

• Calendar: GoToMeeting automatically displays the next meetings in your calendar in the GoToMeeting application and sends notifications when a meeting is about to begin to enter a meeting as easy as possible. Your calendar data never leaves your device.
• Phone: GoToMeeting connects to your phone so you can easily joining the Conference call of GoToMeeting.

• Android 2.2 or higher.
• We recommend devices with a 1 Ghz or higher processor.